KANYE WEST-YE’………by Njino Wanjiru

kanye 1

kanye west is back with a new album ‘YE’  which ofcourse to no surprise debuted at Number 1 on the Billboard charts. The record is kanye’s 8th number one and it sold 208000 units in its first week of availability. ‘YE’  features appearances and contributions from artists like Nicki Minaj,kid kudi,Ty Dolla Sign, Party Next door and Charlie wilson. The album was exclusively produced by Kanye and additional production by Mike Dean who serves as the co-executive producer. Recording took place through 2017 and 2018. Some of the songs include ‘ghost town’ ‘ violent crimes’ ‘No mistakes’ ‘All mine’ ‘yikes’ and ‘ I thought of killing you’. 

The album was met with  mixed reviews from critics. personally i like the production as kanye  is a great producer and innovator. ‘ye’ is a very bold record  and comprises of seven singles which some fans felt that, that was a very selfish move. kanye did the Art work himself using his I phone on his way to the album listening party hours before the release of the album. The cover features snowy mountains in Jackson Hole, the area where the album was recorded and produced. On it is a text reading ‘i hate being bi-polar its awesome’. 

Hip hop fans have something to ponder on…….xoxo

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