MY DEAR MELANCHOLY by njino wanjiru

the weeknd 3

This post comes late but my love for The weeknd is still on. Earlier on i was afraid that he was growing old on me. The Starboy era was amazing but it did not take me back to the obsession i  had when i discovered The weeknd. This new ep seems to recapture his earlier dark style that propelled him into what he is now. ‘Beauty behind madness’ was pure magical with high profile features that made the songs even more attractive without loosing the gist of what The weeknd is made of.

Fast forward, The six song ep opens up with the top ten track ‘call out your name’  which is very catchy with a very unique sonic dark sound and a flavor bended towards RnB crossing over to a non prominent pop style. In the song you cant help but feel that it was more personal and it feels like he is lamenting about his recent break up high profile relationship with selena gomez. I will not get into deep about that cause i never really cared for that particular relationship. the weeknd

On ‘try me’ through the dark sick beat you’ll hear his sharp falsetto cut through kinda reminds you of the album ‘trilogy‘ . Most notable highlight of the song is the anger in the song that feels like you are being haunted. The song that is ‘Mike will made it’ produced is a clear indication of how he and selena ended their relationship. ‘wasted times’ feels like a lament song and it is a little lighter and simply plain with the usual dark production that is prominently featured on this ep.

Other great notable song is ‘i was never there’ which features Gesaffeilstein  who is also featured on ‘hurt you’ a very dark and deep song that tells you how much he gives during a relationship and how supportive he is as a partner.Through the lyrics, you will feel regret too.weeknd 1

other notable songs on the ep include ‘privilge’  which reminds me of one of his tracks in the album ‘beauty behind madness’ called ‘prisoner’.

All the songs debuted on the Billboard 100 and the ep was at number 1 ontop Billboard 200.Id recommend anyone to listen to this cause for sure The weeknd is a great and solid artist who is very unique and deep.

bye bye guys……xxx is next…lol








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