If you look at me you’ll probably think am the happiest guy on earth and i don’t have problems at all.  This is because i have always overlooked my problems and i know a smile will take me a while far.

My playlist depicts a very sad kid and lonely and indeed this are the ghosts i’ve always fought. Previously i did not know how to handle my sadness and loneliness. It has indeed been a journey. I thought that id find the solution with my family but they could only solve them in doses. Friends; am sure you know what am going to say. You probably have had your fare share of drama with friends. Not gonna share details,we’ll save that for another day. Alcohol,weed, running away from home so much so.

Going through all this i thought i was the most disadvantaged kid on the planet. Remember i was also tackling relationships and that didn’t spare me from falling in love and having my hear broken.  All this i look back and think to myself, It made me a very strong person. It made me sane and more aware of myself.

During this time as i got darker my music increased in its sophistication, depth and emotion. Only a few will get what i mean by that. As i drown in sadness i also drowned in music. Id put my earphones on and sleep to the best music ever. I went from hard rock to metal to rock to hiphop to rnb to jazz to neo-soul to any artist who depicts darkness and weirdness. Weird right?

This made me numb to my problems and made me be hopeful. Its that simple or not. Now i have a therapy that i don’t pay, and she has been the most loyal person. Her name is my playlist.


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