Month: September 2017

XXXTENTACION-’17’… by njino wanjiru


XXXTENTANCION-17……… njino wanjiru

Have you ever listened to a song and just felt like you’d lock yourself in a room and cry your heart out. xxxtentancion is prolly the only rapper who gets to me, breaks me up and leaves me totally vulnerable. I love it when am vulnerable, i celebrate my vulnerability just like i celebrate my strength, more so now that am in a good place and am always feeling like a winner and that eventually makes me a winner. I couldn’t be in a better place. Am at peace with who i am and i know that am a child of God who deserves nothing but love, i want to send this love out there. To all those who feel less than others, to all those who have lost their loved ones, to all those who are going through darkness and depression. you are all loved and there is place for you on this earth,Do not be deceived. As long as you are still alive, you are a winner. Soul search and you will find yourself within. I love you guys. Cheers to life and the monster that is life.

xxxtentancion is at his pick and the only place for him to go is higher. Am sure there are guys who will find consolation in his music. The most exciting thing about his recent album ’17’ it was made for the depressed.  I’ve talked to a few friends about him and some feel that he is too dark. Isn’t that what we all want sometimes? Raw feelings and emotions. True artistry. Going beyond the norm no matter what. I envy such artists. We can barely find such at this error and when we do we just have to spoil the whole experience by over doing it. Eg Kendrick. Listening to this album xxxtentacion ’17’ Ill recommend you be all alone. It will be a beautiful journey from heaven to hell then back to heaven. Am literally crazy about such true and real content. Something that is dark and beautiful at the same time.


A DAY IN njino-wanjiru’s Life…

As am listening to xxxtentacion’s ‘depression and obsession’ i cant help but remember my day yesterday. A very short day yet sooo much happened in less than 12 hours. Immediately i opened my eyes from my sleep, i stretched my hand, took my phone and got on whatsapp which is my usual routine. In the morning my thoughts of the day are always wild. ‘will i have sex today?’ ‘ will i die today?’ ‘something could happen and it could change my entire life’ ‘what about my dreams and ambitions?’. All these thoughts have only one answer. ‘Get up and Live!!!’ Just after, i usually go to check up on my grandpa then have breakfast.

             Yesterday was a little different.The CEO of AFRICHA Ent which is the label am signed to had inboxed me on whatsapp and had a request to make.He wanted me to drop by at Mary’s and pick a Mac then  hand it over to Cate. Since i had a free day i offered to help. I had known Mary not less than a month ago and we hit it off. She is a free spirited lady and manages a youths centre in the neighborhood. I woke up and headed over to her place. off course she did not expect me to be at her door early that morning.I took the mac went home got ready and by 11 i was out.

On my way to Ruaka, just after Thindigua i saw a car that looks like a friends who lives around there. I called him to check if he was the one but unfortunately it wasnt him. As we spoke, his voice sound really teary. Unfortunately i wasn’t able to ask what was going on.  I thought to myself ‘its not good to assume’ so i then texted him.

‘Hey, you sound like you were crying. Is everything okey?’

‘collins is dead’ he replied.

Suddenly i got emotional. The thought of  loosing a close friend. That pain and emptiness. The memories.  I personally didn’t know collins but i remember him from a few interactions. However i knew he meant alot to Nic so i understood his pain. Life to me in these ‘collins thoughts’ happened to be very shitty but then he is gone he cant feel what we are feeling. DAMN!!! fuck this, i said.

    I got to Ruaka and dropped the Mac. I had another appointment at Runda gardens with the Ceo of FURET films hence i was nervous cause the meeting had taken long  due and today was the D day. We talked with Betti who i had met through facebook and requested her to help me out. I followed my google maps and got to her place. We had a very candid moment. Coincidentally  her director had grown up in my hood so this sort of increased the depth of the bond. They seemed to like me and as i played them my film, i could tell the focus and level of  concentration they had as they watched wasn’t just  your average.

We agreed on a few things and i had to leave. On my way back home i dropped at Nic’s to check up on him. Unfortunately he wasn’t there. I spoke to a guy whose name i wont reveal and that’s when i heard what had happened to collins in detail.  I cant judge him cause i’ve also been in a very suicidal state and its a dark moment for anyone going through this. A 23 year old. I was very sad and thought about all the people who have died and where they all go to. Could it be that there is no other life after this? Have you ever thought about it in depth. What will happen to you after you die. Just maybe you wont know cause you’ll be dead.

I Later went home, took a long walk as i thought about life. Life is just life. In less than 12 hours i was able to be sad,happy,emotional,excited,concerned, expressive…..all these all that. Ive learned to live everyday as it comes. Smile with pain and tears. As long as am alive. As long as am not drowning in pain as long as it left me unharmed, am still a winner. I love you guys.




The kenyan music industry is a very tricky business to invest in. 3 years down the line, i have made less than i have put in. You have to be very patient and strategic about it. You may listen to artists who’ve made it but that is all they got. Sometimes there are artists who made it really fast cause they were either lucky or very attractive and their success has nothing to do with their talents. I have heard people say that the best singers are not yet famous and in kenya this is so true. Being very skilled doesn’t mean you’ll automatically make it. By making it i mean success and a huge loyal following with corporates chasing you. However being patient and not giving up is key. Every year in every genre emerges a star and this could be you. That is why i still haven’t given up. Continue working on your skill and always make sure you are open to critics. They built you. My voice teacher is my biggest critic and she has always told me to tone it down cause i am such an extremist. Try me.                                                                                                                                                                       Open your mind and learn other ways to make an income from your music. Learn about branding and this will help you alot and also put you in the map of a real artist. Most young artists will ask,’ How do i make an income yet am not being booked for shows?’ ‘Well i guess you’ll have to wait till you can be booked for one’ that would be my answer but since am also struggling i cant quite answer that. I Personally create my own shows and charge people then put on a good show and entertain guys hoping that one day i can have my own Blankets and Win. hehehehehe

Where am i  drive at; You cant afford to sit and wait as an upcoming artist. There’s alot to be done and to learn. Be on your toes and success will find you. Network as much as you can,perform with every opportunity you have and by doing all this you will be attracting success.

goodday fam!!