Month: February 2016


The Evolution: Kenyan Music Industry



Allow me to take you back when Sauti Sol, Dela, Muthoni the Drummer Queen, Stan and Just a Band emerged. They were literally everywhere! The radios, the newspapers…you get what I mean. If you wanted mainstream Kenyan music they were it. They brought a fair share of excitement to the industry as they were taking steps into totally unchartered territory. As expected if you asked any upcoming artist they’d mention one or more of the five as their inspiration.

This reminds me of the age of the Blonde Revolution when Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Jessica Simpson and Mandy Moore were hair flipping and choreograph-dancing teens girls to oblivion. This was also the era of the boybands…you remember them; Backstreet Boys, Westlife, Nsync. High school letters back then were chock full of dedication songs from these bands. Needless to say, the minute these artists appeared the music industry literally exploded from the excitement and competition that this brought as every star did their best to come out on top.
There is plenty of talent out there but unfortunately most artists have grown complacent in the little niche’s that they’ve carved out for themselves and this is why they haven’t shown any growth so far. How you make your debut on the scene matters a lot. The Kenyan music industry is expanding with many artists coming up daily. The thing every artist should ask is, am I making an impact? Am I just echoing what other artists have done in the past or is this new material or a new style? If the answer is yes or not sure, you need to dash to the drawing board for a re-evaluation.
Always remember: Be Unique, Be Yourself and get lost in yourself as cliché as that may sound. 



We all know Coldplay from our mp3 mixes back then when ‘Clocks’ was the mix to jam to and ‘Yellow’ was our heart break song. Over the years they have steadily been the to go to rock band when referencing to the kind of music we listen to.
Their last album ‘Ghost Stories’ (2014) was one of the darkest albums they’ve released to date which is no surprise seeing as it seems Chris Martin had decided to use it as an outlet after his split with Gwyneth Paltrow. I am happy to announce that whatever dark cloud he was under has finally dissipated. A Head Full of Dreams might be Coldplay’s most up-beat album ever and yes, it even beats ‘Mylo Xyloto’ (2011). The minute ‘Adventure of a Lifetime’ their first single hits your ears all you want to do is dive onto a dancefloor and boogie with the best of them to the classic disco beat. If you wanted inspiration rock, then look no further.
This album is also their biggest collaboration album, from Tove Lo’s siren voice in ‘Fun’ to Beyonce backing vocals and Noel Gallagher’s amazing guitar chords in ‘Up & Up’ has left fans of the band breath taken. If anything fans are dubbing the album ‘the healing album’ which is made even more personal when Paltrow adds some vocals to ‘Everglow’. One thing’s for sure this is among their best albums.
On a sad note, it’s been hinted that this might be Coldplay’s curtain fall album; if so, they’re certainly going to go out at their peak which will be an achievement in itself