Sorry for letting you wither, Sorry for neglecting you, Sorry for assuming you will be fine, Sorry for not Saying Sorry!!!

You are the Rythm in my System, You are the Source of my confidence, You are the strength of my being, You are who you are, the unbreakable Lotus .

Unapologetic in your beauty, Strpped, the ebony of it all, The lingering scent and the timeless glow, The melanin of it all.

Do not be shaken, Do not fear or doubt yourself, You shall survive everything, Time will favor your efforts.

Shine your light, For the Source is in control. Get in your element and; Shine your Light! FlOWER BOY

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DREAMER#iamproudofyou #iamproudofyou #iamproudofyou #iamproudofyou

This goes out to all the people who are out there and are doing their best to stay positive. It’s not easy.

To all those who have chosen to love themselves, still not easy.

To all those who wake up and chose to influence their environment with positive vibrations, Damn; sooo hard.

To all those who show nothing but genuine love and care to God’s most beloved creatures, He sees your heart.

To all those who have made it their priority to grow and better themselves, you have to get there.

To all those who have embraced the hard reality of life and are still going on strong. We need you.

To all those who work in humility and wish peace on one another. This also goes out to you;

#iamproudofyou #iamproudofyou #iamproudofyou #iamproudofyou

I am Proud of You! #iamproudofyou

I am proud of you #Iamproudofyou

I want to speak to somebody, Are you here..really here?? Welcome to my blog – The Symphony-Kenya. First of all I want to say that I am happy and I hope that you are happy too. I know, I know, It’s not easy anywhere but I kid you not: Happiness is a Choice. Choose to be happy!!

Have you ever been low, down, alone, empty, unsatisfied by your life at whatever aspect and by aspect I mean sexually, financially, spiritually, emotionally etc or at whatever level, You feel me? Good. You are here cause you are alive and you are kicking. By that alone: Being alive, You need to be hopeful. You need to be happy. It can be cruel ,sometimes I’m not even able to watch the news cause it’s even more depressing for me. I think of testimonies I’ve heard from people and I think to myself. “Njino don’t complain just be grateful to God”. This is because you dont know whats happening out there.

I think the boychild needs an eye. He needs to be attended too This is just a thought that has been crossing my mind and it’s coming my way many at times. We need to empower the male. I don’t know why I am saying this but looking around me I feel like he has been stepped on yet he is expected to provide be it whatever, expected to deliver and yet he has been ignored when sinking. He has also looked away and he is oblivious of his existence. What a wake up call. ‘How are you expected to protect and fight for those who are looking down on you everyday?’ Slandering you in their thoughts. Listen everyone has baggage. Everyone has a responsibility of their own and a role they play. Stop looking down on each other. Believe and it will happen. It’s true, everything wise and beautiful that is said out there survives only cause it empowers.

We need as much as possible to support each other. To love each other, to genuinely be present for ourselves, for our families and for our friends. You ask how, simple, balance!!! #balance. Clear off the doubt because you are alive and kicking. Empower yourself before you empower others. Stay positive. Inform yourself. Be realistic. They say Information is power.Do the little good you can do, however you can do it. If need be fight for the weak!! Little by little you are changing the world and the narrative. You are better, happier and more confident. You’ve got the conviction no matter who tries to bring you down. The world is created such that we are like animals in a way. We ‘eat’ each other by bringing one another down. To survive, you knowlike animals.To feel better about ourselves as humans (yaaah that concept)To reflect our insecurities on others.(when you master your energy you’ll know when you are being bullshitted nasema tu) . So you constantly have to check your energy and the kind of people you are surrounding yourself with. It’s not fun and games my people. Guard your heart!!! When I learnt to be alone, a certain energy came along with that. I discovered a lot of stuff about myself that I didn’t know. For instance, for a veeeery long time I believed that I was an extrovert. Ah ah honey!! ‘You are an ambivert!!!’ The universe spoke. For sure I am an ambivert. Everything, suddenly made sense to me. I embraced that cause I could not change it.

I am proud of you #iamproudofyou lets empower those who have been kind to us. Those who were there when we needed them. Be it financially, spiritually, emotionally or even sexually . We need to let them know. At least appreciate their presence when we needed them. It doesn’t matter who they are, be it family or friends, it can be even an ex If you are brave ‘you know wharra sayin’. Even colleagues at work who encourage you or motivate you with the tiniest of positivity. Comedians who make you laugh and forget your troubles, those who are making bold and brave moves , those who know and understand the narrative of good energy and good vibes . Those who are constantly changing our world even with this pandemic .Those who are nurturing us. That energy is good. Kabisa!! Now I want us to let them know. That we are proud of them. That we appreciate their being and presence. Just let them know. You will be sending good energy out there amidst all these negativity. If they ask you why and you are in the mood to tell them why, do tell, if you don’t, then don’t. If they can read this empowering message then let them read. Share the link. it’s a good thing to do. It will empower them just as it will empower me. It’s a good thing to do.

So I’ll nominate 4 people who I am proud of!! With the hashtag #Iamproudofyou. Then the four people will each nominate four other people who they are proud of and the cycle rolls. Remember we are sending good energy and we are encouraging positive vibes. If the four people you nominate would want to nominate you back it is well and good. But you can’t nominate them again. It will be redundant and boring, we don’t do that herehaiya. So you nominate others and In fours beginning with the hashtag #iamproudofyou

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Thank you so much guys. I’m sincerely Humbled.休休 Nyinyi wote ni Marockstar!!

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Hey Guys, I am back…Let’s talk, shall we???

Hello guys, how are you? ‘muriega’? Kuhana atia mani?? welcome to my personal blog, The Symphony-Kenya. It’s been a while but here we are. I took some time off because life was calling and i needed to grow and be inspired by life.. Today i woke up a very happy man. Am happy about many things but more so am happy because i am here, with ya’ll.

so let’s do dis

THE MUSIC: where we at bruh?突

lets focus for a minute…

Before i took a break, alot was going on. I was in the middle of recording my ep which has had a lot of changes. we have been working on more songs to make it an album and to have a full circle concept as all the songs in the album are inspired by true life events. To me, this will be the best way for me to re-introduce myself to the world. As we continue with this journey called life, I will be sharing stories and discussing some of the issues affecting me as a blogger and a singer. I’ll try to be as honest as I can in a world where honesty is loved but unappreciated.

The artist: Extra Crazy休休

As a creative, I have been inspired by all sort of things. Previously, if you asked me that question that everyone likes to ask a good artist, the response to that would have been really different. Now am all about living life and growth. As an artist I’m mostly inspired by my life. That may sound crazy but it’s the truth. I have done a lot of soul searching and the universe has been communicating to me. Being authentic has been very important to me because of the empowerment it carries along with it. Doing what i love and following my guts has also been very motivational. What you see or hear henceforth will be a young man liberating himself through his voice. In doing this, I hope to inspire and restore hope & love.


The Scar: Demons vs angels…

Since I started looking and addressing ‘self’ I’ve learnt the art of loving myself, my time and things that I treasure. I’ve learnt that I cannot always be a victim of circumstances and that loving myself first should be everyone’s’ first commandment to their own self. lol >>forgive my language hahahaha<<We will talk more on self love because we need to. In pursuit of ‘self’ I have discovered a lot but mostly why I am the way I am. What I can change and what I need to accept, What I feed myself with everyday. Who comes in my life and how they affect my energy? All these has made me a freer person….

I am a lover of love and I am committed to loving myself, People! loving yourself is a thing 弘

The end; the beginning ….

One day I was on drugs and overwhelmed by life. Something stupid and tragic had occurred. To me this was the end. At the time, I had suddenly forgotten all those that love me, I had suddenly forgotten everything that had made me who i was. The feeling of hopelessness had suddenly reigned and i could not see any light. Amidst all my wrangles and giving up, my best friend called me and helped me through. We all need friends[tutaongea kuhusu marafiki sikuingine] life has its ups and downs and no matter what we have to stay encouraged and brave. We all need one another and we all need to feel better and safer.

I’m excited to be back and to share some fierce experiences i’ve had away from you guys. Feel free to comment and follow me on all my social media platforms. @njinowanjiru




Tinga Tinga Tales the musical was launched yesterday at Fairmount the Norfolk Hotel. In attendance was Charles Wanjohi, Acting Director – consumer Business Safaricom, Eric Wainaina, Musical Director,Composer & Lead Actor,Phillipe Cauviere CEO, Mt Kenya Wildlife Conservancy,Sheba Hirst- Executive producer. The musical was described as bigger and better as never seen before. The Musical will also be showcased in Newyork from 13th October to 20th October. It will also be showcased here in kenya as several shows are in line. Eric Wainanaina the kenyan veteran singer also performed and we had several representatives of various companies that have sponsored the event.

Here is what went down at The Launch.

RiP XXXTENTACION….njino wanjiru


I recall when i first heard about xxx. what caught my eye was the fact that he was inspired by Kurt Cobain. I later got to his music on sound cloud and my goodness, i could totally relate. I then jumped on 17 the album and thats when i figured the force xxx had and still has. I was really sad at the time from my first serious relationship. xxx cut right through my soul. I then started forcing my friends to fuck with him as i could see the great potential he was. sure he was very controversial and if indeed all the accusations were true my apologies to all the victims. By that i want to say that his music was great from performances to the production and delivery. He was such a force that his cult folowing called out drake for trying to copy his flow. He was one crazy dark guy. He even turned down a 6 million contract from capital records. All this was inspiring as an artist cause it just shows how the new generation understands what they want at this time and stick to their guns. If you havent gone through depression then you wouldnt understand what am x is all about. He was such a minimalist as you will see in his music of which is always not more than three minutes. You will also notice that he had not followed anyone on ig something that only beyonce has done and at his level, all this shows just how he believes in himself. I really related to him and what he was all bout and am very sad of the fact that we will not hear more records from him.


#xxxtentacion #xxx #x

KANYE WEST-YE’………by Njino Wanjiru

kanye 1

kanye west is back with a new album‘YE’ which ofcourse to no surprise debuted at Number 1 on the Billboard charts. The record is kanye’s 8th number one and it sold 208000 units in its first week of availability. ‘YE’ features appearances and contributions from artists likeNicki Minaj,kid kudi,Ty Dolla Sign, Party Next door and Charlie wilson.The album was exclusively produced by Kanye and additional production by Mike Dean who serves as the co-executive producer. Recording took place through 2017 and 2018. Some of the songs include ‘ghost town’ ‘ violent crimes’ ‘No mistakes’ ‘All mine’ ‘yikes’ and ‘ I thought of killing you’.

The album was met with mixed reviews from critics. personally i like the production askanye is a great producer and innovator. ‘ye’is a very bold record and comprises of seven singles which some fans felt that, that was a very selfish move. kanyedid the Art work himself using his I phone on his way to the album listening party hours before the release of the album. The cover features snowy mountains in Jackson Hole, the area where the album was recorded and produced. On it is a text reading ‘i hate being bi-polar its awesome’.

Hip hop fans have something to ponder on…….xoxo

RIP Guka…

guka 2I’d be lying if i say i had not thought of this dreadful moment before in my miserable life. These moments were met with fear, a lot of confusion and deep sorrow that would choke me every time it happened. On Tuesday at 4.00pm sited and just concluding of what would be a successful day,i had the untimely call. Guka is gone.

Ofcourse i cried, went wild, asked so many why!! Seriously and honestly speaking I have not only lost my grand dad I’ve also lost one of my best friend and fan. He was amazing and beautiful in his own way. So calm and so peaceful. The peace that makes you question. This is one man i knew so well and had a very deep relationship with. Am proud that i am named after him. I am also proud that he shared with me his deep secrets.

I recall the good old days when he would drive singing kikuyu songs. Especially that ‘Abijan ti kudu kunene’ This would be met by my disapproval. He was hilarious in his own way. we laughed to our own stupid jokes, talked about people and once in a while he would throw his politics in there.

we did not miss each other while we were away from each other but when we were together we had quite the chemistry. I will remember how he would listen to me and really tried to please me in all ways he could.guka 1

This is a very dark moment in my life and i believe i shall overcome. He believed in my dream and believed in everything i did. I am happy to say that i was able to run errands for him, advise him on some business decisions and later pay myself using his credit(lol)

Guka was my dad and hence we fought when he did not take care of himself. I’d say to him ‘while am away please take care of yourself’guka3.jpg

I am very happy to know that he really loved me and that i have his blessing in life. Not long ago he told me that he knew that i love him very much and for sure i do. I pray that all will be well and my family will stick together during this trying moment. I am and remain strong.

May His soul rest in peace.

love you so much Guka….xoxo




6 Time Grammy award winner songstress Xtina is back after a break of six years. Her new album, which will be her 8th will be called ‘LIBERATION’. The album will be out on June 5th and its debut single‘acceleration’is out already. The video premiered on you-tube about a week ago. ‘Acceleration’ is a kanye west produced song and it features Ty Dolla $ign and 2 chains. Just as expected from kanye’s production of minimalism and experimenting, he quite delivers on the beat. Christina Aguilera is a great vocalist. The song got look warm reception and maybe this is due to the fact that Xtina is trying to move with time and at this time Hip Hop is being consumed than any other genre for the first time in history.Accelerate has a stripped-down, drum-heavy hip-hop production reminiscent at times of the sound on Wests 2013 album Yeezy; the video, which recalls Aguileras sexed-up Stripped era of around 15 years ago, features lots of sexy posturing from the singer and is heavy on tongue, glitter and a honey-like substance. The video is explicit and features a sexual Aguilera and alot of nudity.

Cant wait for her new album and see how she has evolved as an artist since her last record ‘lotus’.



MY DEAR MELANCHOLY by njino wanjiru

the weeknd 3

This post comes late but my love for The weeknd is still on. Earlier on i was afraid that he was growing old on me. The Starboy era was amazing but it did not take me back to the obsession i had when i discovered The weeknd. This new ep seems to recapture his earlier dark style that propelled him into what he is now. ‘Beauty behind madness’ was pure magical with high profile features that made the songs even more attractive without loosing the gist of what The weeknd is made of.

Fast forward, The six song ep opens up with the top ten track ‘call out your name’ which is very catchy with a very unique sonic dark sound and a flavor bended towards RnB crossing over to a non prominent pop style. In the song you cant help but feel that it was more personal and it feels like he is lamenting about his recent break up high profile relationship with selena gomez. I will not get into deep about that cause i never really cared for that particular relationship.the weeknd

On ‘try me’ through the dark sick beat you’ll hear his sharp falsetto cut through kinda reminds you of the album ‘trilogy‘. Most notable highlight of the song is the anger in the song that feels like you are being haunted. The song that is ‘Mike will made it’ produced is a clear indication of how he and selena ended their relationship. ‘wasted times’ feels like a lament song and it is a little lighter and simply plain with the usual dark production that is prominently featured on this ep.

Other great notable song is ‘i was never there’ which featuresGesaffeilstein who is also featured on ‘hurt you’a very dark and deep song that tells you how much he gives during a relationship and how supportive he is as a partner.Through the lyrics, you will feel regret too.weeknd 1

other notable songs on the ep include ‘privilge’ which reminds me of one of his tracks in the album ‘beauty behind madness’ called ‘prisoner’.

All the songs debuted on the Billboard 100 and the ep was at number 1 ontop Billboard 200.Id recommend anyone to listen to this cause for sure The weeknd is a great and solid artist who is very unique and deep.

bye bye guys……xxx is next…lol